21 July 2020

by Spark Eighteen

How to set up Facebook shop for your business page


It’s a widely known fact that Facebook is trying to transition into a go-to platform for everything. But amid the pandemic, they had one of their eureka moments. Facebook Shops – Online shopping made easier, helping your customers purchase from you directly through Facebook or Instagram. In this blog, we will talk about using the Facebook shop for business, its benefits, and how to set up your Facebook shop.

Millions of businesses have suffered owing to the pandemic so far, and it’s fair to assume that it will continue to do so for the time to come. So to help reduce the impact and continue business as usual, Facebook introduced Shops. They are easy to set up, quick to use, and insanely beneficial for your business.

“I think this is particularly important right now because so many small businesses are moving online to deal with the economic fallout from Covid-19,” said CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a post. “As people are being told to stay home, physical storefronts are having a hard time staying open and millions of people are losing their jobs.”

Even as the lockdowns come to an end, your customers are taking all precautions and limiting their outings. That may last for the foreseeable future. It only makes sense to offer them the comfort of shopping from you in the quickest and most convenient way possible. So, let’s set up your Facebook Shop!

Here is everything you need to know about Facebook shop for business:

What Are Facebook Shops?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s idea to convert his two popular social media platforms (Facebook & Instagram) into online shops came to life with the announcement of Facebook Shops in May 2020.

Facebook Shops
Source: Facebook

Facebook Shops is a feature where businesses like yours can create an online store on their Facebook & Instagram page for free. With the help of Shops, your customers can directly connect with you via Whatsapp Messages, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram Direct Messages to answer questions, offer support, or make a purchase.

Facebook already had a shop feature available for businesses in the past. The major differences between Facebook Shops that we already had before and the new one are:

  • People are not redirected to any website when they click to make a purchase. Instead, people can buy a product while still being on Facebook.
  • The new Facebook Shop is absolutely free!

It is also not in any way closer to the Facebook Marketplace. With Marketplace, you sell a few items that you may not need anymore – like a garage sale. But FB Shops, on the other hand, gives you an opportunity to set up your own store and sell everything under the blue sky!

Core Benefits Of Facebook Shop for business

  • Creates a nice customer experience:

As mentioned above, whenever somebody clicks on a product to make a purchase, they aren’t redirected anywhere. Your customers can pay and check-out directly while still being on Facebook, making it a hassle-free experience. Shop also saves the user’s payment credentials for all Facebook apps.

  • Allows direct conversations:

Customers want to be fully convinced of the product before making the final purchase. For example, when someone wants to buy a shoe online, they need to know if the shoe-size will actually fit them or if the material is good or not.

It is totally different from going to a local store-front and buying a shoe because there you can try the product yourself!

That’s why Facebook provides you an option to integrate WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram Direct to your Shop. This way your customers can directly talk to you or ask questions. This is much like a chatbot feature that you see on eCommerce websites but way better since you can comfortably cater to it without putting in money or effort. Think of it as instant customer service for your customers through your phone!

  • It’s Free:

By making the Shop feature free, Facebook is totally providing a new shape to the E-Commerce market.

This will encourage more small businesses to actively engage on the platform. This can also create new business opportunities for Facebook in terms of advertising, payments, and other services as more businesses will run ads to promote their Shops.

  • Customize your shop:

You can create or edit existing layouts to make it match your branding and presence. You also get to create different collections, decide your cover image, and give your choice of personality to your shop. Everything that can help you attract your customers!

facebook shop preview

Once you create various collections of your product, you need to name and add a description to them. A collection can carry somewhere between 6 to 30 products.

  • Shop From Live-Stream:

Live-streaming now not only lets your audience engage with you but even lets them buy your products in real-time. How cool is that! Before going live, you can tag your products from Facebook Shop so they will appear on the bottom of the video for people to easily tap and make a purchase.

Keeping in mind that Facebook Live videos produce 6 times more interactions than any other format (source: 99firms) we think that it’s an idea that’s definitely worth trying!

facebook live
Source: Facebook

How To Set-Up Your Facebook Shop

So now that you have an understanding of what are Facebook Shops, let’s walk you through the process of setting up Facebook shop for business.

Make sure you have logged in as a business account on the platform, otherwise this might get confusing for you.

Are you ready? Alright, let’s go!

Step #1: Include the “Shop” tab on your page

Once you’re on your Facebook Page, directly click on “Settings”.

facebook shop settings

Once you click on it, you’ll be redirected to a menu page with a number of options. Here, you need to find “Templates and Tabs” and click on it.

templates and tabs

Scroll down to find the “Shop” button and switch it on.

shop button

Congratulation! You’ve successfully added the Shop button to your Facebook Page.

Step #2: Read Through Facebook Shop’s Terms & Policies

Once you’ve added the “Shop” section to your Facebook page and click on it.

A pop-up will appear listing all the terms & policies a seller must agree before setting up their shop. Make sure you go through all of them before clicking “continue”.

terms & policies

Next, Facebook will ask you how you want people to buy your products, a.k.a the checkout method.

Here, you’ll be given two options: “Message to buy” or “Checkout on another website”.

checkout method

Once you’ve chosen the payment method, its time to add products to your shop!

Step #3: Add Products To Your Shop

To do this, quickly head over to your “Shop” tab and click on “Add Products”.

welcome to facebook shop

Here you will add your product pictures or videos with their name, price, and product description.

add product

It’s important that you keep Facebook’s product guidelines in mind before you include product pictures. These guidelines say that you must use images:

  • Of the product itself,
  • In each of the product listings,
  • That is in a well-lit setting,
  • Have a resolution of 1024 X 1024
  • Are in a square format,
  • Have a white background.

Facebook doesn’t allow pictures that:

  • Have any kind of texts,
  • Violates Facebook guidelines,
  • Have watermarks,
  • Are too promotional and include advertising.

Once you’re done, click on “save” and Facebook will start processing all this information. This is important as it tells Facebook if your product and description comply with the platform’s policies and guidelines. The process might take a few minutes. When done, you’ll be able to see all your products on the page.

Step #4: Manage Your Products & Orders

As mentioned above, you can create various collections of your products. To do this, just simply click on the product where you’ll see the option of “Add Products”.

As you keep on adding them, they’ll start appearing on your feed.

Once you’re done setting up your shop, you’d want to keep a check on the orders you receive. Go directly to the “Publishing Tool” tab on the top right of your Facebook Page where you can review all your orders.

You’ll start getting notifications on every received order.

Tips To Run A Succesful Facebook Shop

  • Promote your shop:

Create Facebook ads to boost awareness of your shop. With Facebook ads, you’ll be able to reach your target audience easily.

  • Offer discounts & coupons:

According to Socially Stacked, 42% of Facebook users like a page that offers discounts or coupons. So to really attract your customers to buy your products you need to offer discounts.

  • Encourage sharing:

Add a share button to your Facebook Shop page so that people can share your products with their friends & family. This will increase the reach of your store.


Facebook has partnered with reputable eCommerce platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce to support small businesses. The feature is launched successfully in the US and is slowly going to be widely available to other countries in the coming months.

Facebook Shop looks like a great way to help businesses grow and spread their word – and who knows if this can be a new landmark in Facebook marketing!

What are your thoughts on Facebook shop for business? Let us know in the comments below!

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