22 August 2019

by Spark Eighteen

3 Important reasons your Facebook ads aren’t converting


Facebook Ads are one of the more popular advertising options for new marketers and for startups. However, despite 92% of marketers claiming to use Facebook Ads, there are still many who try Facebook Ads and fail to generate positive results. In this blog, we will talk about the reasons why your Facebook ads are not converting and possible solutions to them.

Table Of Content:

  1. Your ads are being shown to a cold audience
  2. You are selling too early
  3. Your relevance score is low

As reach on Facebook now is as high as ever, the advertising landscape on the platform has become more and more competitive.

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Here, we’ll look at why most ad campaigns fail and what can be done to fix a campaign that isn’t bringing you any results. 3 major reasons that are affecting your conversions are:

1. Your ads are being shown to a cold audience

Facebook gives you numerous options to target a certain audience such as demographics, age, gender, job roles, likes, and interests. But just because you have chosen an audience based on certain criteria doesn’t mean these people will be interested in your service or product.


Your targeting priority should be your low-hanging fruit; that is, target people you know are interested in you. I know it’s a cliché but it’s worth revisiting when you’re looking at spending a small fortune on Facebook ads. These type of people can be:

  • Your existing customers
  • People who have recently responded to a lead magnet
  • Your mailing list (which you’ve honed and kept warm with lots of informative newsletters)
  • People who have clicked on your Facebook ads or watched your videos
  • People who have been clicking around your website or spending time on a particular page

2. You are selling too early

Consider yourself opening your Facebook account and in your feed, there is an ad with great creativity but pitching you the product/service too hard. It is most likely that you will not interact with that ad. Similarly, if you are trying to sell too hard and too early it will negatively affect your conversions.


Go hard selling in your remarketing ads where the person knows about your product due to a webpage visit or completed an event. For new users, show content that is useful and educational rather than selling a product in one go.

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3. Your relevance score is low

Facebook wants to show ads to the target audience based on the relevancy of the ads.

To create your relevance score, Facebook takes a quick glance at your ad draft and considers that audience’s potential feedback (both positive and negative). Once done, it boils it down to a score of 1 to 10. When the ad goes live, your score updates based on the actual feedback received.

If you have a high relevance score, you will be rewarded by your ads being shown to more people for a lesser amount of money.

You need to aim for high relevance scores. AdEspresso experimented with running identical ads to different audiences and found that they spent:

  • $0.142 per website click for an ad with a score of 2.9.
  • $0.03 per website click for the same ad but targeted to a website custom audience of users who had recently visited their website. 

This same ad was given a relevance score of 8.0.


Tight targeting can improve your relevance scores drastically, so can impactful images, clear calls to actions. Lower ad frequency will also help, as will ads that are designed with your target market in mind.

So there you have it, 3 major reasons why your Facebook ads are not converting.

There can be a lot more reasons for your Facebook ads to not getting results. Get on a consulting call with us to get a free diagnosis of your Facebook campaigns!

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