5 essential and effective tools to hack growth for your business

Can tech tools fuel business growth? Here’s a list of the 5 best online business tools that can accelerate your brand’s progress!

Table of Content:

  1. Zapier
  2. Shapr
  3. Slack
  4. QuickBooks
  5. Feedier

What does it take to make a business successful?

Not every business is created out of the same blueprint. The stage it has reached, its size, and the industry it operates in are some crucial factors of differentiation. And while there isn’t a foolproof map to success, some things are consistent: risks, competition, passion, and commitment – the coal that fuels the engine — but even the engine needs just the right balanced amount of it to keep on going!

Thankfully, there is an abundance of business intelligence tools available that can help you build, design, market, operate, and optimize your business online – agnostic of your industry. But with so many options at your disposal, we want to help you pick the best of the lot.

In this read, we’ll crack these 5 most effective business tools that can be considered essential for all present-day businesses. The goal here is to get the job done, help you allocate time better, make wiser investments and do away with unneeded stress!

1. Zapier:  Automate recurring workflows


Most businesses today have a lean but overactive workforce – especially growing businesses. As the person leading the show, you can’t possibly manage or lead every task in the company. Especially when most of the day for employees is full of repeated work that needs core optimization and nothing else! If that’s the case then Zapier is what you need. This online productivity platform allows you to automate repetitive tasks or automate whole processes in one go!

Want to set-up a follow-up mechanism for online sales? Set up a Zap to automatically collect the customer’s information, sync it with MailChimp, strategize and schedule campaigns. Want to set up a post-purchase feedback mechanism? Set up a Zap between your sales tool and platforms like SurveyMonkey. These are just two of the many company-wide tasks that Zapier can help you manage. It can be integrated with over 3,000 applications including software you use for your internal teams like Google Drive, Slack, Trello, MailChimp, and many more. It still continues to add more apps to its library.

Not only will it help you invest time in other important business spheres but also eliminate dependency on various levels.

2. Shapr:  Tinder for business relationships


If networking is part of your everyday life, you’ve got to use Shapr! This business networking tool will connect you with people who share the same interests and objectives as you. Think of it like Tinder, but for professionals. The only difference is that the relationships last longer. The app is designed in a similar fashion as a dating app where you swipe through people with wanted or similar backgrounds. Once you get a match, the app allows you to initiate conversations by chatting online through Shapr messaging.

When you sign up, it asks you to list down your interests, location, and professional experience. The app then uses this information to show you 10-15 profiles on a daily basis. The system doesn’t allow any unsolicited requests so you won’t be getting any unwanted messages.

This tool can really amp up your internal while putting in touch with an influential network from around the world.

3. Slack: Collaborate and coordinate with team members efficiently

business tools slack

Communication is a need for every individual working in a team. What better than Slack? It is arguably the best and most popular communication app used by businesses from around the world. And it just doesn’t stop there! In addition to one-on-one messages and group chat features, the tool also comes with individual and team audio calls as well as video conferencing. This makes collaboration much easier than what most chat tools offer.

Thes best part? Its convenient integration with over 2,200 software making it easier for anybody to find and share information. Also, the tool offers unlimited access to a free plan and is accessible through both mobile and desktop devices.

As a team, who has been using Slack for well over half a decade as the dedicated internal and external communication platform, we completely love it! It offers an intuitive experience, the integrations are otherworldly, and offers a seamless exchange of data and content – what more can you ask from a communication tool?

4. QuickBooks: Cloud-based accounting software


Does doing your business finances yourself give you hibbie-jibbies? What if we tell you there is an easier solution for that? QuickBooks is one of the best accounting software for small businesses that helps in calculating taxes, managing invoices, finance operation automation, and keeping track of your financial health. Developed and marketed by the FinTech firm, Intuit, it is an easy-to-use tool for business owners with zero accounting experience. The platform includes a variety of paid packages. You can even customize your own package with some assistance from the QuickBooks team.

With QuickBooks, you can easily access your account anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. It is integrated with apps like PayPal and Square to simplify the cash flow management in one centralized location. You can even use their mobile app to store pictures of your bills and receipts which is way easier than piling a heap of paper bills in your office drawer.

5. Feedier:  Automate data collection


It’s a safe assumption that the old boring, long-form surveys don’t really work anymore? Customers are way more aware and way less patient nowadays. Feedier is an innovative feedback tool tailored for such customers that collects instant and valuable feedback with the help of gamified forms. With its interactive design forms, Feedier allows users to give feedback through a game-like interface, which makes the survey experience fun and highly engaging. You can also offer incentives through the platform to encourage users to provide feedback. Once the feedback is processed, the platform gives you a detailed outlook of the result along with customer insights.

The most amazing part is that it is easy to step up and can completely automate the entire feedback process, helping you save time and enhance efficiency.

The feedback management tool lets you easily integrate your feedback forms into your website or app by generating embedded code or simply sharing it with email campaigns to your audience.

Online tools are essential for business growth

Starting your own business today is no child’s play. It is a challenge to work on it all alone. A strong vision, a team of hard-working individuals, and a concise set of business tools that help you save time are the three important pillars that can either make or break your business. We hope that the above list of the top 5 best business tools will help you get at least a third of the load off your shoulders. Did we miss out on some important tools? Share your suggestions by contacting us here.