20 May 2019

by Spark Eighteen

5 Digital marketing trends you can’t afford to miss in 2019


As we are about to complete half of 2019, digital marketing trends are developing expeditiously, making it imperative to keep a track of all. From SEO, Social media marketing to pay-per-click advertisements, content marketing, and other, digital marketing services are witnessing a histrionic change. This year, the business world is focusing and capitalizing on artificial intelligence (AI), data utilization, etc to connect with the large chunk of new potential customers in the market.

Digital marketing trends 2019

If you are looking to stay one step ahead in the game from your competitors, it’ time to update yourself with the latest digital marketing trends and strategies that are going to dominate the market in 2019  and beyond. Take a look at the prominent digital marketing trends 2019 :

Artificial Intelligence

After ruling the digital marketing in 2018, Artificial Intelligence is one of the fields that still need to be deciphered and we have just started realizing the hidden aspects of what AI could do in this field. AI will be used to examine consumer behavior and search patterns, to exploit data from social media channels and blog posts, etc and will help businesses to grow their market and reduce the costs. According to research carried out by Gartner, by 2020 nearly 85% of customer communications will be managed by machines. Though it seems terrifying when thought of in context with employment but realizing the huge benefits associated, it has become imperative for businesses to comply with this smart technology.

Today, large numbers of brands are using chatbots for their customer service, programmatic advertising to mechanize ad buying with right specific targeting, and machine learning to control email delivery systems

Video Marketing

Without a doubt, there is no better way than videos to tell your story. According to Cisco, online videos will constitute more than 82% of all customer internet traffic, making it 15 times higher than what it was in 2017. With the launch of Facebook Watch in 2017 and IGTV in June 2018, live videos have gained more popularity and businesses have started using it for interviews, product demos, how products are made, behind the scenes, etc.

As per YouTube, mobile video consumption rises by a whopping 100% a year! Nearly 85% of consumers wish to see more video content from brands Adding video to marketing emails has improved the click-through rates by nearly 300%. So, don’t go by just our words, start using videos to increase your brand awareness and see the difference or if you are still in doubt, connect with us and we help you know how to kick your marketing efforts by using video marketing


Invented in 2011, Chatbots will continue to be a significant part of digital marketing in 2019 also. This AI messaging platforms have completely changed the way digital marketing services work. It uses real-time messages to interact with customers or site visitors, thereby giving businesses a better perspective of the market. Going by the stats, nearly 1.4 billion people use chatbots to interact and by 2020, nearly 80% of businesses will start using chatbots instead of human customer service. This virtual assistant technology will help in increasing productivity and brand interaction by offering outstanding customer service support, fulfilling customers’ expectations and mechanizing repetitive tasks. Chatbots can help in creating a world where brands can build reliable relationships with their buyers and vice-versa. If applied and utilized correctly, bots might become the best thing to happen to digital marketing

Influencer Marketing

In today’s digital world, social content creators popularly known as “social media influencers” will offer more value to brands. Using influencers who can be anyone from celebrities to popular Instagram account holders and YouTube channels with millions of subscribers, have proved to be a  very effective marketing tool. These people have devoted and engaged groups of followers on social media who love to follow what they do or say.

Just like previous years, this year also this trend will rule the market but with a little transition-brands will make steps towards more tailored influencer targeting and focus on micro-influencers with lesser but more engaged audiences to influence the right people. So, if you haven’t started using this trend for your digital marketing needs, it’s time that you must start.

Voice Search

Is your business voice search ready? If no, then it’s high time to incorporate it into your business. The technology has gone up to its zenith, and there are certain things that have marked a remarkable impact on human’s life and one such is Voice Search. According to research, 2 out of 5 people say that voice-activated devices are essential to their lives and by 2020, 50 percent of all web searches will be voice searches. This AI enabled technology will be playing an important role in digital marketing services by providing all the relevant information that people are looking for through audio content. Artificial Intelligence is getting smarter and the number of errors made by voice assistants like Alexa, Siri and Google has reduced. Many brands have already started using voice search in their digital marketing strategies to provide value-based content efficiently to their customers. The increasing use of voice search has made it significant for companies to reconsider their marketing strategies in 2019.


This year would be all about better customer experience with personalized content, mechanization and AI-powered technology, so to stay ahead from competitors and to increase conversions, follow these 5 trends and make your business rank top among the search engines.

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