19 December 2019

by Spark Eighteen

Content marketing trends – Types of content to boost your marketing in 2020


With every passing year, content is becoming more and more important where earlier it was defined as the King but now it has become a Kingdom in itself. 

Marketers are constantly exploring the depths of content trends to empower their marketing efforts and drive business growth. “Content marketing is the only marketing left” – True words by Seth Godin

Let’s dive deeper into the content trends. 

Why is content so important for marketers now? 

In this new age, the consumers have become resistant to the old-age promotional marketing campaigns that had no value but just advertising content.

Nowadays, consumers are looking for content that is more immersive, value-driven, authentic, reliable, informational, entertaining, and provides an easy & supreme experience. 

To meet these demands, marketers are exploring content trends & strategies that can attract maximum traffic, increase engagement, and contribute heavily to business growth. 

We have also listed some key content trends that will rule the 2020 content marketing ecosystem on a global scale. 

Content Trends For 2020

1. Visuals Are Engaging

As the influence of social media rises among the audience, the consumption of visuals such as images and videos are also growing exponentially. 

That is as social platforms are aesthetically more of visual platforms with billions on images and videos being shared and uploaded daily. This is as visuals are highly informative, engaging, easily accessible, and expressive than any other form of content.

And with growing technologies around visual content such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality along with growing eCommerce footprint, visuals will be a key content trend for 2020. 

Social media platforms along with visual formats like gifs, video snippets, interactive images are an excellent combination to promote your brand and engage the consumers. 

2. Power of User-Generated Content

User-generated content or UGC is the most popular trend moving into 2020 where it perfectly serves the consumers’ need for trustful, authentic, and reliable content that adds value. 

Brands are acknowledging the user-generated content as along with traffic, engagement, and conversions, it also helps to build social proof, brand image, and meaningful brand-user relationships.  

The fact is that 9 out of 10 users tend to trust the user-generated content for their online purchase decisions. Also, campaigns with UGC get 50% more user engagement & a 5 times higher click-through rate. 

UGC marketing has become so popular that UGC platforms are go-to tools for brands nowadays to discover, curate, and display all the relevant & valuable UGC across all marketing touchpoints like website, event, digital signage, print media, social ads, etc. 

3. Storytelling, Relevancy, and Targeted Content

Gone are the days when content without a message or relativity worked among the consumers but now the future lies in storytelling, the relevancy of the content with the consumers, and providing targeted personalized content to the users. 

As elements such as stories, relevancy, and personalization help the content to tap into consumer emotions and leave a memorable remark on their minds. These elements tremendously increase consumer engagement and tapping into the consumer emotion helps in influencing their behavior & decisions.  

To perfectly leverage this trend you can take insights from user analytics about their needs, liking, habits, and engagement based on which you can create a marketing strategy around this trend for maximum effectivity. 

4. Emerging Voice Content

There are 2 versions to voice content – one is voice-driven content that works with technologies such as voice search and voice assistant while the second is podcasts & other similar audio content. 

Both these voice contents are emerging trends where more and more people are using smart devices in their homes, offices, or in their mobiles to access & explore content through voice search. Voice assistants such as Amazon, Alexa & Google assistants are becoming increasingly popular. 

Also, podcast as audio content is emerging as the listeners are increasing constantly. The engagement rate is also quite higher for podcast and it is easily accessible such as during commute or at workplaces without any distraction. 

If possible, you should also focus on creating or converting content into audio for a podcast worshippers as it does not require huge investments and has great advantages. 

5. Leverage Ephemeral Content

Ephemeral content can be understood as creative media that is accessible to the users for a limited or short time. It is an excellent content trend that more and more brands are leveraging for their advertising especially in the social media ecosystem. 

But in 2020, you can leverage this content for user-engagement more than advertising. Ephemeral content helps in creating an instant buzz in a short time, quick user engagement, and lead generation, and probably conversions. 

Snapchat is one such platform with ephemeral content whereas Instagram and Facebook stories are also the same. It is highly effective for brands to influence the audience and also cost-effective with minimum investments in creation &b sharing. 

Leverage the ephemeral content to amplify brand visibility, increase content volume, reach a wider audience, and create desirability to attract, engage, and convert maximum consumers.


These are some of the key content trends moving into 2020 that you can leverage for your brand’s content marketing and gain brand success. The key thing to notice is that all these trends are consumer-centric. 

Make consumers an integral part of your content creation and marketing with immersive & engaging content. Consumers are the best advocates for any brand’s growth & success and you should also follow similar steps. 


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