24 September 2020

by Spark Eighteen

5 characteristics of good product design to boost sales


Like millions other here on the internet, we too believe that good product design is essential for every business. After all, it is something that revolutionized Apple, modernized Tesla, and influenced many other companies including Volkswagen. Here we will talk about why product designing is crucial along with the 5 characteristics of good product design.

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Do you realize how desktop and laptops serve the same basic computer needs, yet in recent years, we’ve witnessed a tremendous increase in laptop sales as compared to that of the desktop?


It’s because of a simple change in product design.

what is Product Designing?

Product designing is a systematic process depending on the problem-solving approach to make the user’s life simpler and easier.

The process goes through first visualizing the problems and needs of the users and then bringing in a solution to address those problems.

Why Product Design is crucial?

There are many reasons why product design is the most crucial aspect of an organization from a marketing point of view. Have a look at some of them mentioned below:

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  • If your product’s features and functions aren’t going to solve your customer’s problems, chances are they will choose your competitors over you.
  • Product designing strategy plays a major role in attracting the audience especially in the field of technology. It is quite evident from the increasing shift from manual work to technologies like smartphones and laptops.
  • Even when it comes to heavy machinery or services, design plays an important role in making people aware of the efficiency of a product.
  • Design betters the accessibility of products over time and builds a brand around customers’ needs and satisfaction.
  • Product packaging is much more than just packing a product around a cardboard sheet. It plays a major role in designing as well. Packaging influences sales and hence a good packaging can make a huge difference for your company.
  • Good product design makes marketing easier. Marketing involves trying to convince people to see the quality of your brand. With good design in place, half of the job is already done.

Characteristics of Good Product Design:

1. Inclusive

A mainstream product is inclusive when it is accessible and usable by as many people without the need for specialized assistance. Inclusive design is closely related to an accessible design but it focuses more on the outcome. It’s a process for creating a design that can be used by a diverse group of people.

2. Convenient

A well-designed product should be portable and convenient. This means it should be easy to carry and can be used in a variety of situations to minimize the user’s effort and workload.

3. Functional

Functionality is the sum or any aspect of what a product can give to the user. A product’s functionality is used by marketers to highlight the product’s features and capabilities for the user to have a clear idea of how that product can be the possible solution to their problems.

4. Ever-Green

There is a fine line between a trending and a timeless product. While a trending product may last for a year or two, a timeless and evergreen product remains respected throughout time. So, an evergreen product is something you should be aiming for to boost your sales in the longer run.

5. Well-Tested

The best products are constantly revised and tested before being launched. The idea is to gather as much feedback as possible in order to make a product effective.

Your Turn

Product designing is indeed a far broader and more strategic process than what most people may think.

It not only makes your product looks better than your competitor’s but it also helps in capturing the right type of audience to your company.

All you need to do is identify the problem your target audience is facing, think about how you can help them solve that problem, and focus on crafting and designing the solution.

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