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Top 5 Award-Winning Ecommerce website designs

The growing popularity of the internet and technology has made it quicker and easier to buy and sell online. Having an eCommerce website, your customers can quickly connect to you and buy your products. Here, we will have a look at the top 5 award-winning best eCommerce website designs that might inspire you in enhancing your eCommerce website.

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People are not wrong when they say your eCommerce website is a reflection of your physical store.

Just like your store, your eCommerce website needs to be user friendly and easy to navigate for your customers. This means your website should have easy navigation, great visuals, and should be highly optimized and mobile-friendly – the list goes on!

To make you feel less overwhelmed, here is the list of top 5 well-designed businesses with the best eCommerce website design:

1. Apple

apple website

You cannot expect Apple to not excel in designing, whether with their product or website.

3D touch, clever animations, and dynamic images – you’re not entering their website, but you’re submerging in it.

Above all that, their clean and simple navigation system is amazing. The use of silhouettes to differentiate between products is nothing but highly impressive.

apple image

2. Frank And Oak

frank & oak

Frank and Oak is a modern online clothing shop that focuses heavily on lifestyle and media.

They use their UI to grab user’s attention and provide a great shopping experience from a UX perspective making it one of the best eCommerce website designs.

You’ll be captivated by their use of bold photography and the clean sans-serif typography that captures their brand’s personality and target audience so well.

3. Pearls Only

pearls only

The jewelry selling website has a quite unique way of welcoming their visitors to their online store that looks quite irresistible to pass on.

They promise their visitors a free discount offer in exchange for their email address. Would you spin the wheel?

4. ETQ Amsterdam

etq amsterdam

ETQ is a footwear label brand based in Amsterdam that takes a minimalistic approach using their own merchandise as the primary aesthetic of their site.

Simple yet compelling visuals accompanied by strong typography help the user to focus on nothing else but the brand products making this another great example of the best eCommerce website designs.

5. Quip


The UX of the toothbrush company Quip is so uncomplicated that visitors might want to come back to purchase again.

With captivating homepage, bold images of the products and a neon green CTA’s in the middle is enough to grab any one’s attention.

Did these website designs inspire you to make improve your eCommerce website design? You don’t have to think a lot. Just imagine your online store as a replica of your physical store. How will you decorate your store to pull customers?

Just think of the ideas, the rest is our work!

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