26 February 2019

by Spark Eighteen

Devising the right marketing mix for your app


Business owners who dilated into apps have seen how profitable it can be. In fact, mobile applications convert 120% more than mobile websites.  

But with around 3.6 million apps on Google Play Store and 2.2 million on Apple’s App Store, how do you get people to regularly operate or even download yours?

To create a booming app, you need to marry the elements of traditional marketing principles and the new components brought by the evolution of the digital/mobile age. This new marketing mix is important for the construction of a good, intuitive, and profitable app for your business.

For your app to stand out from the competition, it’s not only necessary to have a significant idea and value proposition. You need to create a rock-solid marketing strategy from start to finish.

According to The Manifest, the majority of the forward-thinking app developers and marketing specialists reportedly spend more than 31% of their app budget on marketing. 88% of brands believe firmly that their return on investment (ROI) depends on the mobile app success

But, what is App Marketing?

App Marketing is a set of techniques with which your app can become visible to the users and it’ll rank on the top in-app store. It is the most effective way to interact with the users from the time when they hear about your app to after they become your loyal customers. App marketing is a nice approach to the promotion of an app using multi-channels.

As the old saying goes, “if you build it, they will come” – unfortunately, this is not always the case when it comes to releasing a new mobile app into the market. It isn’t unusual for developers to spend upwards of $10,000 creating an app, but dreams can quickly come to an end if you don’t consider a marketing strategy when launching your application into the Google Play or iTunes app stores. More than a third of all traffic reaching a typical retail website is via a mobile device and so it’s easy to see why several firms are now attempting to create an even more approachable platform for customers on the go. With an average of 35,000 new apps introduced on Android devices alone each month, however, marketing your latest app to reach the optimal amount of people and the right target audience can easily become a difficult and often daunting task.

Taking advantage of more than one marketing channel can increase the probability of the booming promotion of your new mobile application.

One of the crucial elements of any mobile app strategy is to place along a comprehensive and sound marketing plan that faucets into the numerous avenues for building awareness, driving downloads and encouraging sharing. This begs the question: where should I boost my app?

Marketing channels are best to speculate your resources in and attain your goals. Each channel is analyzed by 3 important dimensions: Cost, Scale, ROI

When considering any channel, keep in mind how aggressive your goals are (e.g. hitting 10,000 vs 1 million users by year-end) and what resources you are offered (e.g. Rs10,000 vs Rs10,00,000 in marketing budget) in order to qualify and prioritize the right channels for your app marketing strategy

Keep in mind that every dimension is independent of the others, as ROI is a relative term that means how much does each unit in cost return in results (conversion rate), while scale and cost are independent terms dealing in totals. For example, while the ROI from the friends and the family channel is huge, cost and scale are both low, making this a highly effective channel yet one not suitable for aggressive growth.

Organic App Marketing (Appstore Optimization)

ASO is the process of optimising your app to rank higher within the marketplace; the higher a mobile app ranks the more visible it’ll be to your potential users.

This includes:

  • Optimising the Title: App titles need to be distinctive yet descriptive. When selecting your title try and include what the app does, as users tend to search for specific practicality. You can choose to name your app based on common search terms or use a branded name which you can copyright.
  • Optimising Keywords: When optimising keywords, focus on search volume and relevancy. Remember to test your keywords to seek out which ones are working for your app. When changing the keywords, make sure to jot the impact this change has on the app’s ranking.
  • Optimising the Description: Treat the primary few lines of your description as an ad copy, with the purpose to generate curiosity and build interest in your app. The reason for this is the app store solely displays the first 2-3 lines of text before users need to tap on the ‘more’ tab
  • Optimising Visuals: When your app shows up in search results, an attractive icon can play a huge role in engaging and encouraging users to download. It is also necessary to utilise customised screenshots so as to showcase how the app actually works. Serve this space like it is your sales poster.
  • Paid app marketing: Paid exposure can get your app a rapid audience and word of mouth support

Advertising options

As with any advertising, it’s all about targeting the right markets to get the highest return on investment. Ads can be seen on websites, other apps and lots more. Paid adverts formats include:

  • Banner ads within apps or on websites
  • Interstitial (in-app popup) and reactive/interactive ads inside apps (including prompting for a purchase of a full version once a goal has been achieved)
  • Social media and search adverts

It’s best to use paid advertising in brief, intense bursts. This can get your app listed in “top selling” charts and so use the exposure for momentum

The most effective campaigns are (anecdotally) primarily based around interest-based and “other installed apps” targeting. However, feed survey and inferred demographic information from your in-app analytics back to slender things down even further

Factor in the time of day – individuals won’t download fun apps during work or college hours.

Don’t forget to use advertising on sites wherever your intended users may visit to find out about apps, i.e. for games users may visit review sites like PocketFullOfApps.com to find out regarding new games so will be more receptive to adverts

Social media:

You can use this information as a reference for how to use social media as a promotion tool for your app. Here’s what you need to know:

Promote your app before it launches
This is the muse for establishing a robust social media presence. So by the time your app launches, people can apprehend precisely who you’re and they’ll be able to download the app
Here’s an excellent example of this strategy being employed by The Swift Life mobile app:

Run promotions similar to this on your social media accounts

  • Marketing your app on Facebook: Facebook is at the highest of the food chain once it involves social media marketing. It’s the king of this industry and it’s probably the first place you should start marketing
  • Instagram marketing: Instagram has the highest engagement rate supported on seconds on the platform compared to different social sites. To further increase engagement on Instagram, you can run contests
  • Master 280 characters: You can make the most of the Twitter advanced search query to find folks who may be inquisitive about using your app. Here’s what it looks like: Use this tool to go looking for relevant keywords, accounts, hashtags, and locations to connect with prospective users
  • Go live: Creating a more authentic interaction with your audience will benefit you in several ways like encourage your followers who haven’t downloaded your app yet to actually download it, increase the chances of getting more in-app purchases, entice your current users to use your app more often, etc
  • Within app sharing: Treat your own application as an extension of social media platforms. This strategy will work no matter what sort of app you’ve got or what business you’re in
  • Start adding videos to your YouTube channel: If you don’t have a YouTube channel, you’re missing out on a great opportunity. That’s because YouTube is the most well-liked technique for users who want to watch video content. The reason why YouTube is so significant is that all of the content can simply be repurposed
  • Use hashtags: Hashtags are a vital element of how individuals use and experience social media. It’s an excellent chance for you to undertake and get your brand trending on these platforms. If somebody clicks on a hashtag, they’ll see all of the content denoted by you and others who used it
  • Leverage social influencers: The reason why social influencers are a viable alternative for app promotion is that they have already got a trusted following on their respective platforms. Their audience knows their personalities and trusts their opinions
  • Don’t forget about Snapchat: Recent studies show that over 70% of Snapchat users are beneath the age of 25.

This is important information to grasp if you’re targeting Generation Z or Millennials

Social media has proven to be one of the best ways to reach out to your audience. You’ve got ample choices, but it’s important that you establish a strong and active presence on as many social platforms as possible.


In today’s ultra-competitive digital age, having a sound marketing mix is vital. Customers have additional power than ever and are aware that their chances abound. The way they shop and behave has also modified, and they continue to lean towards more mobile shopping and digital interactions.

Creating your app is the opening move, but building your marketing mix is the way you can ensure that your app (and consequently, your product/service) will attract and engage the modern customer.

The absolute best app marketers will be the ones willing to go all in and dedicate the required time, effort, and prices towards understanding and developing this wildly uncharted environment to the furthest extent

We, at Spark Eighteen, a digital marketing agency devise the perfect marketing mix for your app and help you get trending on the App Store. Drop us a mail over here, to understand how we’ll create a perfect blend for your marketing mix.

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