16 March 2018

by Spark Eighteen

All you need to know about marketing to generation Z


If you’re a marketer, the one question you need to ask yourself is: Does your current marketing strategy resonate with the Gen Z audience?

While the millennial generation consists of the people between the ages of 19 to 35, Gen Z is made up of those born in the mid-’90s to approximately 2010.

Being born years apart, it is only justified that they will have different personality traits too.

While we classify millennials as digital natives, we see Gen Zers as more of social natives, with social media being a daily part of their life.

Let’s understand the various habits and preferences of Gen Z and how they marketers can leverage these further:

1. Gen Z Prefers Experiential Marketing

85% of Gen Z uses social media to learn about new products.”

A generation that enjoys living in the moment, Gen Z likes to spend their time on gaining experiences that provide both, value and excitement to them.

So, they basically crave experiences where they get to learn, interact and engage at the same time. More importantly, they need to have the experience to imbibe the feeling that they’ve achieved something or bettered themselves as individuals throughout that experience.

2. Digital Platforms Are A Bigger Hit With Gen Z

Being the first generation to have grown up in an entirely digital-savvy era, Gen Z always seeks to consume authentic, curated content.

Members of Gen Z spend an average of 74% of their free time online, according to a study cited in Forbes.

The Gen Z is also said to have an average attention span of 8 seconds with the ability to juggle between 5 screens at once. Thus, their potential to multitask and function on various platforms definitely needs to be lauded.

With their ability to easily “Google” up everything, brands should look at providing them with immediate, curated information along with the ease of accessing it.

3. They’re More Open To Experimentation

When it comes to newer concepts of marketing or formulating a digital strategy for the Gen Z audience, unconventional ideas might work better with this generation.

The Gen Z audience doesn’t just engage with brands but also looks out for newer concepts.

Marketing strategies like live videos, virtual reality, etc would turn out to be a great hit with an audience that practically functions on platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.

The fact that you get to explore various marketing opportunities with this generation makes Gen Z a suitable audience for your creative campaigns and concepts.

4. They Engage More With Your Content, Providing Regular Feedback

40% of Gen Z said they provide feedback often or very often -compared to about 35% of Millennials.

Gen Z is known to be more open to providing feedback on your marketing strategies than any other generation. Their ability to function on numerous social media platforms helps them reach out to brands with their personal ideas and suggestions.

5. Gen Z Prefers More of Visual Content

Gen Z, according to the report, prefers to watch rather than read, and they view digital video/short-form clips almost six times as much as traditional publishers/blogs.

With social media platforms playing a central role in the lives of Gen Z, brands would need to utilise visual content as an asset. Focus on making your content interactive and one that resonates with them in order for an effective marketing strategy.

Marketers will need to adapt and learn to communicate in newer ways to the Gen Z audience, making the content more customised and social media-centric.

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