8 July 2020

by Spark Eighteen

5 Reasons to avoid online logo generators


It’s funny how most businesses are afraid of being ‘average’ in their industries, yet they settle for an easy way out when it comes to designing.

When you’re starting out a business, investing in a logo may not seem like a significant deal. “Why invest so much money into designing something I can easily get for free?” your little inner voice might say. We’d recommend switching that inner voice off for a minute and think about something.

What comes to your mind when you think of Coca-Cola? The curvy flowing script with the distinctive red and white colour, right?

Similarly, the iconic ‘Mercedes-Benz Star’ may appear in your mind when you think of Mercedes.

Understand why do you immediately think of the logo when you’re actually asked about the brand. Did you get it? Because logos are a brand’s identity. They are what customers think of when recognizing a brand. Now imagine people thinking about your business. Do you really want them to associate your brand with a logo you generated using one of the online logo generators in exchange for just a few bucks?

Certainly not.

While there are ample self-certified best online logo generators, your principal goal should be getting a professional business logo that also resonates with your audience in the best possible way.

So if you are thinking about using one, these reasons below may help you reconsider that idea:

Lacks originality

Can you name one company whose logo you remember that was generated through an online tool?

Legendary logo designer Paul Rand once said that,

“The only hard and fast rule for logo design is to be distinctive, memorable, and clear”

A memorable design should be both original and familiar enough for your viewers. This can only be done by a professional graphic design artist who closely studies your business and the audience demographics. On the other hand, a free logo creator is only going to use pre-designed graphics that often have limited colours and designs which you, yourself would not be happy to promote – trust us.

Quite unprofessional

Your average consumer is shrewder than you think. They can easily spot a cheap design. Most of the online logo generators lack a professional touch. The designed logos you get out of them are often overly-complexed and lack credibility. You won’t even remember the last time you saw a logo like that because guess what, they’re also easily forgettable!

A limited number of fonts

Typography is as important as the colours that represent your brand. Just like colours, fonts represent the tone and value of your brand. With online logo generators, you do not have control over individual fonts or other graphic assets as their software already come with preset fonts within.

Can easily be copied

The very idea behind creating a logo for your brand is to set a unique identity that can be easily differentiated. It cannot be possible with a tool that is also used by other businesses to generate their logos. It is possible that another business may portray a similar logo as yours which may harm your business in the future.

No unique features

If you want to custom create your logo, you might want to play with special effects like 3D, special layering, or some after-effects. Sadly, logo makers don’t allow you to add these. Online logo generators only permits you to use the limited features they have.

Why do you need a professional team to design your logo?

There are various benefits of professional logo design. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Makes a remarkable first impression
  • Set you apart from your competitors
  • Understands your audience, creates an imprint on their minds
  • Has a great ROI if used correctly
  • Becomes a free marketing tool if executed with finesse

A professionally designed logo can really feather your nest. It can not only help to present your products/services in a much better way but will also pave the way for more sales and profit.

We hope these reasons brought some clarity on how online logo generators may not be such a good idea for your long-term goals.

If you’re looking forward to starting your logo project with a professional designing team, consider Spark Eighteen. From inception to completion, we’ve got you covered!

Spark Eighteen

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